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Love Marriage SpecialistIn the case of getting married with desired partner Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer is very helpful. Most of the mature partners in a relationship prefer marring after falling in love. The form of marriage was the couple meet each other through dating is term as love marriage in India. Here in India the older elders take decisions of their children‘s life. The arranged approach where the parent searches a groom or bride is common. The conventional ideologies are that parents have gone through the entire after marriage crisis will select a more stable partner their grown-sups.

The aged can anticipate the problems which can arise even before two people get married. Getting into a relationship first and then deciding to marry is still an orthodox in conservative communities. If you are experiencing such a condition only a Love Marriage Specialist can assist you. 

How Does Love Marriage Specialist help by Astrology ?

Astrology is totally connected to the human beings. It helps us by providing vast range os solutions by which we can get rid of all problems. Famous Astrologer Ashish Ji is very renowned Love Marriage Specialist, who have given best results all over the world. He knows about the connection between human and Universe and how to use astrology in resolving the problems. Sammohan, Vashikaran, Love Remedies, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra are many important tools of astrology.

What is the Connection ofLlove and Marriage with Astrology?

The zodiac wheel is divided into twelve unique sections called the houses. The movements of planets in these houses determine predict the flow of your life. The Love Marriage Specialist will look into the following to determine the possibility and the timing of your marriage. 

The Fifth House 

5th house represent the pleasing part of relationship and dating life. When you have the planets like Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Mercury or a new moon occurring in this house; it is promising you innovation, beginning of a romantic saga and true love. Be prepared to receive the love at time Jupiter in the 7th house creates a 60 degree with Venus in your 5th house. 

The Seventh House 

The 5th house is looked to predict the harmony in your relationship and whether you should marry your long-time love. On the other hand the 7th is where you get to know the type of marriage you’ll have. The 7th house and its lord indicate whether you will happy after the marriage. If the planets Venus, Mars or Moon are in this house, a person has high chances of love marriage. In case these planets are not situated in 7th house, the lLove Marriage Specialist Astrologer looks into the lord of this house.


The planet signifies the goodness of love deals with all aspects related to love in our lives. The placement of Venus in 1th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house guarantee that you will fall in love. As per Love Marriage Specialist the planet is associated with any of the above houses but under the influence of Rahu and Ketu, you will marry against the will of your family. 

Consult with Love Marriage Specialist  When- 

  1. Love Marriage Prediction – Astrology can help you know if you have a love marriage. Our specialist can predict the time and date when the chances of marriage are the highest. 
  1. Compatibility – You can know if your partner is suited for you. Mostly clashes take place because of astrological incompatibility. Without any astrological matching isn’t impossible to predict the Synastry between two people.
  1. Success of Love marriage – If your marriage isn’t a big success, you can take the help of Love Marriage Specialist. Through the advised remedial measures you will get a better martial life. 


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